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UK Specialist Health Development

6 Acre Site
18 Month Investment Period
FCA Regulated Entity
18% Fixed Rate Return

Hunter Jones Investments have an incredibly exciting opportunity today with a unique chance to invest from just £10,000 in a specialist health development. This 6 acre site in South Hartlepool will provide a Day Care Centre and 67 high quality homes for residents with learning difficulties, complex needs and mental health issues.

This is a sector which has a great shortage of purpose-built and suitable accommodation and, thus, is a prime investment prospect, with fixed returns of 18% within 18 months and forecasted gross revenue of £12m by 2018. Find out more about this exclusive investment by instantly downloading your FREE investors report below.

Investment Highlights

  • Day-care Centre for service users
  • 3 phase development
  • Asset-backed Loan note
  • Returns 18% over 18 months
  • Secured by fixed & floating charge over all assets
  • FCA Regulated Entity acts as security trustee
  • Loan Notes issued in multiples of £10,000
Scheme Financial Summary
2015 (£m) 2016 (£m) 2017 (£m) 2018 (£m)
Site Market Value 3
Built Asset Market Value 0 14 24 33
Forecast Gross Revenue 0 3.9 7.9 12
NB: All figures validated by 3rd party. Site Market Value moves to Build Asset Market Value in 2016

Become A Property Investor
From Just £10,000

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